Health and Long-Term Care

Fire and life security within healthcare facilities is a matter of responsibility for the safety of patients, staff and visitors. At ESS, we understand this responsibility and the pressure for cost-cutting facing the industry at large. We offer customized, cost effective solutions for the entire healthcare industry. Our fire, security and access control experts will work with you to review your needs and build an appropriate, intuitive, and scalable system.

Education K-12, Colleges and Universities

Our schools and campuses require the highest levels of controlled-access security and emergency evacuation systems to assure the safety and protection of students, faculty, and administrative personnel. The academic communities want top level security measures without compromising the freedom of eduction and collaboration. The design engineers and security specialists at ESS provide the best protection with an integrated design.

Condominiums and High Rises

ESS offers a complete range of commercial security products and integrated solutions for multi-use buildings such as condominiums and high rises. We offer state-of-the-art monitoring systems, controlled-access solutions, plus fire detection. A comprehensive system design by ESS can help assure the safety of the occupants and protect the assets of the building owner. We are ready to deliver custom solutions for projects of any size or scope.


The need for fire detection and controlled-access is paramount to the success of any industrial facility. ESS will maximize your investment with integrated component technology, providing the scalability you need to protect your growing industrial, commercial and manufacturing operations, as well as securing your important business risks. Exceeding code requirements and passing inspections is what we do.

Government and Municipalities

The size of government operations can be daunting to some security organizations – not to us. We have the experience to know that it is a matter of understanding the scope of the project, researching the specific need and planning accordingly. Each situation offers a unique challenge and we are ready to solve with the most current and proven, safety and security systems.

Property Management

ESS understands the challenges of property management relating to security and controlled-access systems. We understand the level of security you select will impact the leasing decisions of your tenants. We strive to design a solution that offers the highest level of security, while maintaining an inviting environment for tenants and their guests. ESS will design a system that is intuitive and easy to use, while maintaining a high level of effectiveness.