Complete Fire Safety

Did you know that every 24 seconds, a US fire department responds to a fire emergency somewhere in the country?

When you want to upgrade or replace your existing fire alarm system or design a system from scratch for new construction, your first concern should be to ensure it is in compliance with the relevant code requirements. If not up to code, it can be a costly misstep.

Secondly, your fire alarm system should meet your goals of enhanced fire safety, minimal false alarms, resilience to weather elements, ease of maintenance, scalability for future, and ability to integrate with other security systems. Your ideal advanced fire protection system would comprise of three key components – detection, alarm/notification, and fire suppression

In order to provide the best possible fire protection for your building, all of these components must operate in sync. Electronic Security Solutions is a fully equipped and experienced fire alarm security systems provider this is able to meet your highest and uncompromising fire safety expectations for your people and your property in the Greater Philadelphia region.

You can rely on ESS to install integrated Fire Detection and Alarm Systems that exceed required certifications and pass inspections every time. We value your business concerns and it is a source of personal and professional pride to recommend solutions that are ideally suited to your needs.

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