ESS is committed to achieving a safe and secure environment for your employees and visitors while offering protection for your information and property. We help you protect the things you care about and ensure your satisfaction with the products, services and the entire process of conducting business with us.


Fire Inspection/

Understanding fire inspection codes for cities and local governments is a full-time endeavor. An improperly designed and installed fire safety system can cost many thousands of dollars to correct if an inspection fails.

ESS makes it a priority to know the codes, stay on top of the changes, and build systems the exceed requirements. Our consultants and technicians receive regular training to stay on top on industry changes and advancements.

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EST Products

EST life safety systems are protecting the lives and livelihoods of people everywhere they work or visit.

EST brand equipment is underwritten by a longstanding reputation for excellence, which is carried proudly to market by our select network independent contractors that form an integral part of the UTC Fire and Security.

EST products and systems have come to be the choice of industry professionals around the globe.

You can
count on ESS

Through attentively listening to our clients’ concerns, attention to detail, and a complete understanding of safety and fire code requirements, ESS has developed a reputation that is unsurpassed in the fire and security industry.

You can count on ESS to recommend the very best of the latest technologies to fit your specific needs. We are constantly evaluating new technologies to bring you the advances that provide added measures of safety and security or represent a cost savings versus your current systems.